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About Fern & Muffins Plus More

Hi! I'm so glad you dropped by. Muffins Plus More was my dream deferred for so long, and then...

After a few major life changes, a window opened.  This open window is allowing me to pursue my soul's desire - creating Gourmet Muffins and other sweet treats for my family and friends.    

Creating new recipes and then watching people enjoy my creations - especially ones they never thought they'd like - fills my soul with love.  

I pour my heart and soul into every recipe I create and everything I  bake.    

I invite you to try my gourmet treats - muffins, sweet loaves, biscotti and cookies - all gourmet, all lovingly soul-full.  

Celebrate what gourmet from the soul tastes like.

Think of us the next time you're 

  • Planning a Baby/Bridal shower
  • Staging a home
  • Hosting an Open House
  • Bringing the most unique hostess gift ever
  • Treating the most important person - you  - to a decadent taste creation that will make your mouth smile.  

Gourmet from the Soul and Home-Made... this is the best combination, don't you think? :-) 

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We Deliver to your home of office..and you can pick them up any day of the week ...

Our gourmet muffins contain all the right stuff!

  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Real Fresh Fruit
  • No preservatives

Our muffins are MUFFINS!  We're not selling big cupcakes.

Our muffins are full of fruit and nuts and more importantly, they are full of FLAVOR!  

When you bite into a Muffins Plus More muffin, you'll agree that you've tasted the absolute BEST!

Order today, or drop by The Delaware County Community Market for your newest favorite treat.   

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